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Vivant Skin Care
Proven Formulas For Over 40 Years

Providing solutions and results, Vivant Skin Care has been creating innovative, medically proven formulas for over 40 years. Dr. James E. Fulton, who co-developed Retin-A, has been developing products designed to treat skin conditions such as acne, hyperpigmentation and mature skin. Offering skin care with a purpose has driven Vivant Skin Care to be the leader in providing products such as cleansers to sun protection, with the most potent ingredients to effectively work against any skin condition.

Proven skin care lines that have been shown to reduce acne scarring and help with your overall appearance while protecting your skin from the harsh daily environment.

Eternal Youth Medical Spa used Vivant Skin Care products and our professionals are knowledgeable as to what regimen would be best for you. Come in and relax in our beautiful, inviting spa while learning how to have amazing skin.

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Vivant Skin Care has regimens for both male and female and address issues from freckles, age spots, acne, to hyperpigmentation. Our professionals will work with you to decide what your best regimen would be.

Whip your skin into shape with the new Skin Fitness System by Vivant, based on the power of 3-in-1 Mandelic Acid. A gentler Alpha Hydroxy Acid derived from almonds, Mandelic Acid is ideal for treating all skin types, especially Black, Hispanic and Asian skin types, as well as lighter skin types too sensitive for benzoyl peroxide and glycolics. Also good for those new to advanced skin care regimens.

Vivant tries to use as natural as possible ingredients. Vivant Skin Care products have not been tested on animals.