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Would you love to eliminate excess fat from your body but don’t savor the idea of going under the knife? Eternal Youth Medical Spa has a new non-invasive alternative for you: CoolSculpting.

This revolutionary procedure makes it easy to gradually shed considerable amounts of fat without having to undergo traditional invasive liposuction. The talented professionals at Eternal Youth Medical Spa are fully trained and certified to administer this exciting procedure, and the price couldn’t be more affordable.

When you enter Eternal Youth Medical Spa for the first time, you will immediately be put at ease as you take in the serene, relaxing environment of our front reception area. You’ll love the personalized care you receive from the moment you walk through our doors! Our sole purpose is to take care of you and help you achieve the rest and rejuvenation you deserve from the inside out.

Whether you are looking for a medical spa in Santa Fe or elsewhere in New Mexico, it’s worth the drive to check out the Albuquerque day spa at Eternal Youth. We believe that every individual has an innate beauty; our job is to help you feel refreshed on the inside so your beauty translates to the outside.

More Information

CoolSculpting® results are achieved without surgery of any kind. There’s no cutting, no needles, no laser. This comp letely non-invasive procedure works by freezing the underlying fat cells, which transform from solid to liquid then are flushed naturally from the body over 2-3 months. Results are not immediately noticeable. Results will appear over a period of about two months as your body flushes out the frozen fat cells. CoolSculpting® has been approved by the FDA and is considered a safe procedure.

The procedure that’s involved with CoolSculpting® is simple. After arriving at Eternal Youth Medical Spa, you will undergo the following steps:

1. The areas that you have identified are marked and covered by special, protective gel pads.

2. Eternal Youth Medical Spa professionals use a hand-held vacuum applicator to pull skin and fat into a suction cup.

3. The panels are icy cold and work to numb the targeted area.

4. The Fat is cooled to 40° for 60 minutes.

5. Over the next eight to twelve weeks, fat is liquefied and flushed naturally from the body.

The entire process takes about an hour making it easy for you to receive treatment and get back to your busy day. On average, you can expect to see a 25 percent reduction in fat following your first procedure. Subsequent procedures typically remove even more fat.

The results of CoolSculpting® truly speak for themselves. During your visit, you will have a comfortable and relaxing experience at our state-of-the-art facility. You’ll love the personalized attention that you’ll receive from our fully trained, licensed and certified staff. Our goal is always to work with you to achieve the amazing results you envision for your individually-defined cosmetic journey.